Save and Manage Your ChatGPT Prompts Like a Pro

I’m an avid ChatGPT user. I constantly use it in my e-commerce business (Gold BJJ) to write copy, produce scripts for our Jiu Jitsu athletes, and work on our Amazon listings.

The key to success with ChatGPT is writing great prompts. I’ve gotten pretty good at this through repetition, but I found that I was constantly retyping the same prompts over and over.

This got me thinking… there has to be a better way to store and manage my ChatGPT prompts. I put together some sketches for what I think an AI prompt manager should look like, hired a developer, and built it: PromptFolder.

PromptFolder helps you save, manage, and discover AI prompts for ChatGPT and other tools. It’s a little rough around the edges, but features include:

  • Save and organize your prompts in folders
  • Set privacy settings on a prompt-by-prompt level (public or private)
  • Use comments and variables in prompts
  • Copy prompts to the clipboard for use in ChatGPT
  • Discover prompts other PromptFolder users are running

Next up is connecting PromptFolder to ChatGPT’s API so you can run prompts directly in its interface. If you have any other feature requests, let me know!